The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) represents a significant shift in EU data privacy law, taking effect on 25th May 2018. Leadsrush and the company that owns and runs Leadsrush is Reganam Limited, we are dedicated to complying with the GDPR and integrating its principles into the development of new services.

Does this affect me?

The GDPR applies to data of any EU residents, irrespective of the location of the processor or controller. If you’re using Leadsrush from outside the EU to contact corporations also outside the EU, the regulation might not directly affect you. However, if you have customers or leads in the EU, it’s important to consider GDPR requirements.

In practice, GDPR considerations are essential for most companies.

Leadsrush’s GDPR Commitment

With the GDPR now in effect, Leadsrush supports your efforts to meet its obligations.

What Is GDPR?

The GDPR sets new standards for collecting, using, and protecting individuals’ personal information within the EEA, aiming to boost public confidence through enhanced data safety measures.

GDPR Implications For Your Organization

Regardless of whether your organization is based within the EEA, if you control or process personal information of individuals from the EEA, you must comply with GDPR.

As an employer, you must ensure the personal information of your EEA-based employees is processed in accordance with GDPR. This extends to any service providers you employ, who must also comply with GDPR in processing this information.

Leadsrush’s GDPR Compliance

Leadsrush is committed to GDPR compliance. Here are key measures we’ve implemented:

  1. GDPR-Compliant Contractual Terms

    Leadsrush has developed a Data Processing Addendum that reflects GDPR requirements, which is incorporated into our Terms of Service for Cloud Services, accessible at Leadsrush Terms of Service.

    Leadsrush commits to:

    • Only use your employees’ personal information as you instruct.
    • Maintain appropriate technical and organizational measures for the protection of your employees’ personal information.
    • Assist with requests from your employees regarding their personal data processed by Leadsrush Cloud Services, in line with GDPR.
  2. Continuous Improvement of Security Infrastructure

    Leadsrush maintains rigorous technical and organizational security measures to protect personal information processed through our Cloud Services, aligning with GDPR.

Right of Erasure

Leadsrush provides mechanisms to expedite the removal of any data in our index upon request, enhancing our handling of publicly available web data.

Security Enhancements

Our security infrastructure has been significantly upgraded in anticipation of GDPR enforcement. This includes comprehensive firewall protection, mandatory two-factor authentication.

Data Storage and Processing

All data is exclusively stored and processed within the EU, including off-site backups, to comply with GDPR requirements.

Log Files and Data Analytics

Standard procedures for log file usage help in analyzing trends, site administration, and demographic information gathering, without linking to personally identifiable information.

Data Portability

GDPR’s data portability rights are supported by Leadsrush, allowing users to download their data for easier service migration.

Children’s Information

Protecting children’s privacy online is crucial. Leadsrush does not intentionally collect personally identifiable information from children under 13. We urge immediate contact for the removal of such information if discovered.

Additional GDPR Information

  • Data Retention: Customer data is retained only for the duration of service use or until deletion is requested.
  • Data Storage Location: EU customer data is stored in European datacenters, specifically in Ireland, and hosted by Azure.
  • Access to Personal Information: Access is granted only upon customer request or approval, typically involving customer support, development, or marketing teams.
  • Data Removal Requests: Immediate action is taken upon receiving customer requests for data deletion.

Categories of Data Collected

Includes Name, Email, Phone Number, Address, IP Address, Timestamps, Browser Cookies, and additional data collected per customer.


For a detailed description of our data processing practices, please refer to our Privacy Policy. Should you have further questions, we’re here to assist.