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    Find the email addresses of the professionals you want to contact one by one or in bulk.


    Find B2B companies
    in any industry

    Unlock the power of Leadsrush and dive deep into any industry! 

    Ever wondered about every restaurant in New York and who’s behind the magic? We’ve got you! 

    With our cutting-edge software, not only can you pinpoint B2B companies in any sector, but you’ll also be shaking hands with their decision-makers in no time.

    • Supports any industry
    • Millions of B2B leads
    • Fast & Easy to use

    Reach the right

    Fill your pipeline with more qualified prospects.

    The Domain Search provides a list of employees within a company, complete with their names and email details, all sourced from the web.

    The Email Verifier offers a straightforward method to ensure the validity of the email address you’re reaching out to.

    • Cut your prospecting time
    • Acquire all contact details
    • Verify all emails

    Find the technology stack of any company

    Discover companies utilizing specific technology platforms. Interested in identifying businesses that incorporate Shopify or Woocommerce into their websites?

    Leadsrush offers a solution, enabling you to uncover a diverse range of companies employing various technologies on their websites.

    • Dozen of technologies
    • Filter by Tld
    • Filter by country

    Integrations with 3rd party programs

    Seamlessly connect with your preferred applications. With just a single click, move your data from Leadsrush directly into your favorite CRM or email marketing tool.

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