Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a free version?

Yes! With a free account, you can use up to 50 searches/month, and 100 email verifications/month. If you need more, please check the pricing page for more info.

Can we search for companies in any industry?

Yes, Leadsrush allows you to quickly find B2B companies in any industry and their staff details. If you type an industry and location, then you can filter the data based on your needs.

Are the emails verified?

Emails are one of the most popular ways for communicating online and we can help you make sure every email is valid before sending to your CRM or mailing software.

Can we send emails directly from Leadsrush?

No. The software makes it easy to search for companies and people, then you can export or send the data without wasting any time. There are many integrations we have to make this process even easier.

What integrations are available?

With third party automations tools like Zapier and Make you can connect over 5000 different programs, but we have many native integrations like Salesforce, Hubspot, Mailchimp… full list here

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